Thanks to the following sponsors for helping us make this project possible, IXP-PR.


There are typically two types of IXP-PR patrons – first are organizations that work for the good of the internet such as ISOC, the RIRs (regional internet registries such as ARIN) or more local organisations working with IXPs.

The second type are networks that peer at a large number of IXPs around the world and recognise the value IXP-PR brings to some of these exchanges. As of early 2020, there are at least 50 networks which peer at 20 or more IXPs and these companies would make ideal patrons of the project demonstrating end user support.


Sponsors are organization that use IXP-PR and benefit from it with the financial capacity, to commit to contributing an annual amount appropriate to their budget.

The ongoing development and success of the IXP-PR project is best realized when those that use it, and benefit the most from it, support the project in this way.


All organizations that support the IXP-PR project, use and benefit from it to the fullest.